Skin-Numbing Injection Aid to Relieve Pain of Intramuscular and Subcutaneous Injections

Fast-Acting. Inject as You Normally Do.

Noodle is the ultimate Handheld Skin Numbing and Disinfecting Device. Designed to provide comfort and cleanliness, this innovative device makes injections a breeze. Ideal for healthcare professionals and self-injectors alike, Noodle streamlines the procedure by combining numbing and disinfection in a single device. Say goodbye to separate products and lengthy preparation steps.

  • End Injection Pain! Noodle eliminates discomfort. With us, painful shots are history. Our solution guarantees comfort, no settling. Say goodbye to old ways, embrace care-free injections. Join satisfied users reporting 80% less pain in clinical study. Relief lasts up to a minute, making the experience smooth. Embrace change, leave injection pain behind.
  • Noodle stands as the sole device globally addressing Post-Injection Pain, PIP. Ever experienced lingering discomfort after needle removal? Say goodbye to that sensation with Noodle. Our innovation numbs the injection site, reducing or eliminating PIP.
  • Feel a tingling sensation for 25 seconds; Control the level of tingling; LED displays remaining seconds until skin numbness; Beeper sounds to indicate when the skin is numb. 70% rubbing alcohol-soaked sponge sticks for effective skin disinfection; Sticker to pinpoint the exact injection site for comfortable and hygienic injections.